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Open Source Project Management Tools

Alright. Here's the deal. Who needs a feature bloated application when you know that you will not need it all and that it's possibly confusing. All hands shot up in my work place when it comes to project management. Yes, there's the frustration with Microsoft Project.

MS Project is an excellent tool but far too complicated for my liking. So I had to search around for project management tools and open source was the keyword (especially Windows).

Here's a list of notable ones that I found:
Achievo ( Calender ( - More of a PIM but it's got some nice project management features
dotProject ( - While being ugly it uses a server backend for enterprise delivery making it a selling point for this packageeHour ( - time management and project management with a slick interface, especially handy for consultancy firms
OpenWorkbench (
Projectory ( - Another web bas…

Make free videos with Pinnacle

Just when you thought you were stuck with Windows Movie Maker only to make your home videos look good. Pinnacle has joined the foray with VideoSpin.

VideoSpin is a brand new tool that allows you to create your own movie clips in minutes using your own videos and pictures. Once you complete your masterpiece you can upload the video to YouTube or any other video sharing sites.
Check out

New Ray, Blue Year

Happy New Year!

I've had a hectic start to the New Year trying to fulfill my New Year's Resolution. Remembering to keep promises I've made to the family. I never realised I had a long list.

What am I using to achieve this? The most underused program in a Smartphone... the To-Do List. Yes, it is underused and it exists on virtually all the current phones in the market.

It is such a simple program and I intend on using till my fingers run out of blood. Probably won't happen, but nevertheless.

However, the news for the beginning of the year goes to Blue Ray. Previously the HD war was leaning towards HD DVD, with the XBox 360 adding support to it. Only recently did Paramount announce that they intend on dropping support for HD DVD, along with Dreamworks and Disney.

So if you're intending on getting the PS3 go ahead. It's still cheaper than buying a separate Blue Ray player.