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Showing posts from February, 2008

BluRay leads the way

Yesterday, I wrote that an unofficial source at Toshiba reported that the company was going to drop HD DVD. Well... now it's official. BBC reports that Toshiba has actually dropped this in favour of Blu-ray paving the way for Sony.

This is a nice turnaround for Sony when, in the past they failed with pushing their Betamax format in the VHS vs Betamax wars.

Open Source Disc Burning Mac

So, it's getting close to midnight and I have 8 DVD's to duplicate for the next day. My arsenal comprised of a Mac equipped with a superdrive, a PC with a multi-format DVD burner and a PC with a DVD+RW drive. The blank discs were DVD-R and so beads of sweat were streaming down like a waterfall and I was didn't want to touch the Discs for fear of wiping out the data with my acids.

Making things worse was that the version of Mac OS X that I had did not have any CD/DVD Burning software. No internet connection existed for the necessary update:

Why did Apple leave out this ability in the first release? An answer has not been given but they did release an update for this (above link). Even so, with the update you are not provided with an effective solution.

This works when you insert a blank disc and asked by the Operating System what you want to do with it. Selecting "Launch Finder" will present you with a new Fi…

Favicon generator: Genfavicon

Oooh, lookit the Ajax based favicon generator. There's probably enough websites that provide this facility but Genfavicon one is so slick and easy to use

Using the jQuery framework it does a nice job to create those cool little icons. You can simply upload or point it to the URL of the image you would like to process and convert. Once you have had fun with the image in the cropping pane, select your image size then click the "Capture & Preview" button to download the favicon.

The site was created as a pet project by Ferca Network.

Google to challenge PowerPoint

A while back, Google announced its acquisition of Zenter, an online slide presentation firm. So basically, Google can now expand on their arsenal of online office applications - Google Docs & Spreadsheets.

They may as well call the suite Google Office, now that they can take on Microsoft Office. Especially when this is to be combined with Google's previous acquisition of Tonic Systems, which also produces presentation software.

This new challenge to PowerPoint from Google is expected to be available sometime this summer.