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Free Office and Online Collaboration

Ever since Sun MicroSystems released the code to StarOffice, it kicked up a storm in the open source world and we saw the birth of OpenOffice (OOo). It is not about being open source, but this broke down the barriers of sharing documents and collaboration.

Microsoft upped the ante with the recognition of collaboration for business and release a free service - Microsoft Office Live Workspace - which is currently in Beta. However, open source has given us a reason to shun the offerings from Microsoft and seek alternatives. In this article I intend on presenting this to you.

Office Alternatives

First off, what are the alternatives to Microsoft Office? The first choice is (obviously) OpenOffice (OOo). This application is a complete office suite to compete with Microsoft Office:
Microsoft Word = OpenOffice WriterMicrosoft Excel = OpenOffice CalcMicrosoft Access = OpenOffice BaseMicrosoft PowerPoint = OpenOffice ImpressMicrosoft Visio = OpenOffice Draw (kind of, but is a welcome addition)T…

Masters of the Web

Google has recently upped the ante for its presence on the web.  With the recent beta of Google Chrome, Google is contending against Mozilla Firefox and Micorosoft Internet Explorer.
To quote from Google, it is intended to be a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.After trying out the beta, I see that this goal is very realistic.  The first thing I noticed is the very fast start up time of the browser and to be greeted with a very nice (and easy) design of the interface.
So don't wait any longer... go try it out.