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'Jetpack Joyride' for Android

The much loved game on iOS was recently released on the Android platform. And, boy, did it take a long time. While waiting, I had to fill the missing gap with clones such as Jetpack Soldier and Run Run Bear (which for some reason is no longer available on the Market).

Now I can enjoy the real deal. Though, there is one caveat. Amazon App Store, which has been restricted to the US for a while.

Yesterday I received an email from Amazon to download the app and did not need to fiddle around to get it running. This is assuming that you are already downloading apps from outside of Google Play, where your device would be enabled to install from 'Unknown sources'. If not:
On your device settings, tap Security. If you don't see that then tap ApplicationsConfirm Unknown Sources is checked. If not, tap the Unknown Sources checkbox. Tap OK on the Attention alert that displays. Now you can install Android apps from outside of Google Play. Once you have downloaded Amazon App Store and lo…

The GIMP Revisit

A while back I mentioned about The GIMP being a worth open source alternative to Photoshop. Yes, it is very good and I have used it even for video production. There will be doubters who will still sing praises of Photoshop and not understand that they are encouraging software piracy. So on with the show of encouraging users to pick up free/open source alternatives.

The one issue I have (which I consider a limitation) is native Mac OS support, or rather the lack of it. In order to use it you are required to install X11 to utilise this app. However, I did not find it stable and often it crashed out for me on my MacBook Pro quite regularly - a problem which I never faced when using on Linux or Windows.

However, it has come to my attention that some Samaritans have saved the day for me and published McGIMP 2.8, which is GIMP 2.8 ported natively for Mac OS X. I have had the pleasure of playing around with it and using it in single window mode.

Head over to Partha's Place (www.partha.c…

Open Source Project Management

Alright. Here's the deal. Who needs a feature bloated application when you know that you will not need it all and that it's possibly confusing? All hands shot up in my work place when it comes to project management. Some swear by using spreadsheets for everything including PM. Yet, there's the frustration with Microsoft Project.

MS Project is an excellent tool but far too complicated for my liking. So I had to search around for project management tools and, as usual, open source was the keyword (especially Windows).

Here's a list of notable ones that I found:
Achievo ( Calender ( - More of a PIM but it's got some nice project management featuresdotProject ( - While being ugly it uses a server backend for enterprise delivery making it a selling point for this packageeHour ( - time management and project management with a slick interface, especially handy for consultancy firmsOpenWorkbenc…