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A right mobile Tweet

Recently it dawned upon me how much Twitter is actually used and how much people like to Tweet. Whether it's a notification of how often your friend likes to break gas or seeing what your local MP is doing (which is nearly updated every two months) it's something that everyone enjoys.
In fact, I'm getting into the act and cannot resist the temptation of looking a tweets every day on my iPhone. I'm just a bit slow on updating it myself.
There are a number of apps for mobile phones that allows you to Tweet on a regular basis. Here's some that I found: Seesmic (for Desktop, Blackberry and Android)Twitterific (for Mac, iPad and iPhone/iPodTweetDeck (for Desktop, iPad and iPhone)Echofon (for Mac, Firefox extension and iPhone)For some (who are enjoying the Android operating system or adding funk to the business life with the Blackberry) the choice is obvious. There's more out there for desktop and web-based services.
For me, I'm settled with Twitterific. Unfort…

Adobe CS5

With all the fuss dying down about Adobe Creative Suite 4 and all the designers getting used to it, there is new furore about the upcoming release of CS5. Woah.
The global launch will take place on Monday 18th April 2010
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