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Microsoft Bing

It's nice to see the Press taking a much more keen interest in technology and gadgets. So I wasn't that much surprised when the Metro covered the launch of Microsoft Bling.
Currently in beta Microsoft is obviously renewing their competition against Google. I've also noticed that Microsoft has recently replaced the Live search with Bing on their MSN page.
But after using it, why do I get the impression that it's just copying Google with a more colourful interface?

Javascript form validation

One of the most popular uses of Javascript is when it comes to validating user input on a form. The most hateful way, though, is by not using onsubmit. A number of times I come across code where someone uses an image in place of the submit button and uses the onclick event which will validate then submit the form. Yeauch! Very bad practice!
The first thing to do with the form is place the Javascript function in the onsubmit attribute for the form, e.g.
<form name="reg" method="post" onsubmit="return validateForm();"

The use of return lets the form submit when the function returns true. If the function does not return true (i.e. false) then the form will not submit - as shown below.

function validateForm(){
return false;

Getting a reference to the form is the next step. There are a number of ways to do this:
document.getElementById('reg') This will work when id is used on the form
Passing an object refe…